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Episode 28-Scallop Raspberry

Hey guys, I added a new category-<Foods> to my <tutorials> page. It’s the first time I felt hungry and also with lots of joy when I panting. I fully understand what is happiness when I finished today’s training, I love fancy foods so much. Therefore, I am planning to have the various cuisine of paintings in the future. And I hope it is fascinating to all of you~Lol!


嗨!大家好, 我今天新增了一「食物」分類到我的教學頁面,話說這是我第一次在畫的時候同時感到飢餓及愉悅,原來這就是純粹的快樂,噗哈哈哈! 所以,我決定在未來要新增各種各式不同的異國佳餚,預計這將會是一個迷人的風景!希望大家會喜歡囉!


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