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My latest figure is here now!

OK! My latest figure is right here! Made by Ein Studio. The experience of this project is very unique because I can participate in the whole development process, which is important to me. The development team values my opinion and tried their best to make the product perfect!! In my perspective, I think they did it!

Now, the team is ready to bring it to all of you, there is no limit on the number of this figure, but the pre-order day is limited, only on 3/5~3/8(start at 08:00 pm ), and will be stop selling after 3/8. So~ if you're interested in it, just check out the links down below:

Europe and America:


Malaysia & Singapore:

Japan(e-mail only):


EinStudio collaborated with Taiwanese CG artist EvanLee to launch the first collection statue of series "Evanlee Collections", called "Ginny". The mutual contrast between machinery and body, and the mutual foil between hardness and softness make this work. Bold design and very personal style of face carving become the hits of this work. According to the original design of EvanLee, EinStudio chose translucent material as the skin, highlighting the transparency of the girl. The lighting design is also a great effort to restore the original painting. This work launched in the global market in early 2021 and received widespread attention.

Designed by ©️EvanLee

Produced and sculpted by EinStudio

photographed by Chezter



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