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Episode 19-Kingfisher

Hey, guys !!

Have any plan to celebrate the upcoming 2018? Today is the last day of 2017, let me present a Kingfisher as my last tutorial of this year! It's a cute little bird~ If you're a bird observer, don't miss this episode~ Enjoy it~ Cheers! J


嗨,各位! 有準備迎接2018的任何慶祝計畫嗎? 今天是2017年的最後一天,讓我以這隻翠鳥作為今年最後一篇的教學主題,這是一隻挺可愛的小鳥~如果你是賞鳥愛好者或鳥類觀察家,別錯過這期的影片囉~


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