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Episode 15-Peregrine Falcon

Hey, guys~

Today I want to show you a portrait of Falcon. I like this species, elegant and fast! It reminds me the motorcycle that I used to love it so much, it's a SUZUKI moto. Unfortunately, I don't have the license for it, otherwise, I might buy one for fun!!

Anyway, it will be so much fun to draw an animal if you follow my steps! Don't wait! Just go for it~ Cheers~

嗨,大家好~ 今天我要示範一個優雅且迅速的物種,一個隼的胸像~牠讓我想起以前我曾經喜歡過的一台SUZUKI重機,非常酷!可惜我從來沒去考過重機駕照,否則肯定會買一台來試試! 現在,就一起來照著我的步驟畫動物,保證過程會非常有趣的喔!^^

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