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Episode 6-Colored Glass

New update on my tutorials page, check it out on the category: Rock~


I still remember that the first time I saw the first episode of "Jurassic Park", a shot really had my attention. It's the small theater play the documentary of how the scientists brought the first dinosaur to life.

I think you guys must know what's the point inspire me to do this tutorial. Yes! It's the idea of a mosquito inside the resin. It's a very cool idea, although it's the movie from the long time ago.

Anyway, I just love it!!

我記得很多年前當我第一次看到侏羅紀公園的時候,一個鏡頭深深的吸引了我的注意。那是在一個小戲院播放著科學家如何在現實生活中創造第一隻恐龍的紀錄片的畫面,我相信各位肯定知道是什麼點影響著我畫出這篇教學。 沒錯!就是那被樹脂封印起來的蚊子!!!儘管過了這麼久,但這依然是一個相當酷的點子。


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