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Assassination-The Final Version

Hey, Guys!

Having a young lady with a charming face is always my favorite topic, especially when I focused on her upper body.

Just talk about the story briefly, a noble who has lots of enemies, one day his teenager girl was hanging out in her garden, she was so innocent and always looking for the romance, she believes there was a man who can protect her and treated her like the treasure. Unfortunately, the only man in the dark who was waiting for her....was an assassin behind this young lady, and ready to cut out her beautiful head.




This creation is also available for sale, if you want to download the selling package, please check out the link here:


For the whole package, you will have the things follow:


(1) The printable JPG file可供印刷等級品質的檔案。 (2) The unmodified high-quality PSD file.完整無修正的PSD原始檔。(包括所有未修改的圖層) (3)The record with original speed.(5 chapters, about 10 hours totally)
原始速度的作畫過程紀錄影片。(共五段,總長約10小時多) (4)The record with high-speed.(2.5 hours)縮時速度的作畫過程紀錄影片。(共一段,總長2.5小時) (5)The Brushes I used for this painting.此次繪畫使用的筆刷。

In the record, you can see how I establish the layers of her hair, and make it looks elegant for a lady. Another thing, it might be an interesting part for you. Actually, I pretty often received the message of the question about how can I make the woman skin looks so soft& so tender. OK~ If you're also curious, I believe you can find out the answer via my full record! It's all about the Brushes & Opacity.

Enjoy it! Cheers~





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