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It's TGIF Comic Time! 漫畫正式開始連載!

Starting this month, I will update the content of my comics regularly. This is probably the craziest thing I have ever done in my life... For the past three years, I have put many jobs on hold to work on drafts for my comics. As the entire process of making comics is extremely tedious and complicated, I have been slowly climbing up the mountain alone without any assistance, not daring to look at how far away the mountaintop is or caring how popular AI drawing has become. I walk my own path, draw my story, and believe that faith will become the only weapon humans can use to confront AI. That's how it is. You can check out the latest updates on my official website! Please keep an eye on it!

Besides, viewing on a computer and mobile phone will have two different layout effects. You can try both and see the difference.





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