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My working space!!

I recently got some messages from my fans, asking about what computer I use for work, or how does my working space looks like. OK! Let me just take a picture for someone who still curious about it.

Have a look! J


APPLE Mac Book Pro 13" 2015

(Processor: 3.1 GHz Intel Core i7, Memory: 16 GB 1867 MHz DDR3)

I have to say it's not really good for playing an AAA 3D game, but it's awesome to deal with my works, no matter painting or cutting a film, it can bring you a wonderful experience!! After working with my MBPR for several years, it's pretty hard to go back to Windows which I used to work with....


Wacom Intuos Pen Tablet

It's a very basic model, only 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity. But! Very light! Very small! And also Very cheap! However, why I chose it instead of other high-level models. OK! Look at this product, the silver with the black color scheme, and the way of design just looks exactly the same with my MBPR! It's the reason!!! Lol~



SONY Bluetooth Headset MDR-100ABN

This minimalist design headset is one of my favorite products, the performance of noise reduction system is good. It's a good way to concentrate on my works when my daughter play loudly!


Harman/Kardon SoundSticks

It's the classic speaker, designed by Jony Ive. I can't come out with any words to describe how much I love this speaker. The shape is so elegant, the sound is so clear and amazing. The only BIG problem is the hole right the top. Now, I have a spider living inside it and no any way to take it out.....FXXK!


Yu Smart USB Fan

It is the most amazing USB fan I ever have. Pure simple! The only way to turn it on is giving it a light touch on the surface of cylindrical design. How do I like it? I love it. Oh! Yes, by the way, this product Designed by VHbox studio.


Miniso Table lamp

I bought it from Miniso retail store, only cost me about 10 USD!!! Can you imagine that? The beautiful minimalist design, no any physical buttons but only one touch button. Battery included, so you can take it anywhere you like, the neck is rotatable, so it can fit any angle for reading. And the most important, the height totally fits my concrete wall, this coincidence really surprised me!!!


It’s my second screen - APPLE iPAD Pro 12.9"

I use iPad Pro as my second screen. Usually, I need to have the reference showing up while working, so it's pretty useful to have another big screen beside my canvas!!

我使用iPAD Pro作為我的第二螢幕。通常來說,我需要在我工作時有參考資料在旁。因此以12吋的畫面來說,真的非常實用!!

This is my coffee Tree!!

I bought it from a traditional market, the seller told me if I plant it in a proper way, one day I can drink my own coffee. But 2 years past.... there is no sign that the tree can bear any fruit!

Maybe I was cheated. -_-;;



My Collections

I used to hold a position as a sculptor in a local toy company. In that atmosphere, me and my colleagues are always crazy for buying toys figure... I spent countless money on it. Unfortunately, I can only give them a small space to present the part of my collections after I moved to my studio.


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