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My first Massage table!!!

Yesterday was my wife's birthday, in order to celebrate it, also appreciate her effort, to take a good care of our little girl every day. I bought a massage table, Kamasutra massage oil, a Pink Moscato, a Benny Andersson's piano music. And I have to say.... it's fantastic!!

All I need to do was watching the video of the guide to massage from Youtube, and did exactly the same. Then, me and my wife had a super romantic night!

昨天是老婆大人的生日,為了感謝她平日帶小孩的辛苦,我準備了人生第一張專業的按摩床,美國老牌印度愛經按摩油,一杯粉紅慕斯卡特葡萄酒以及Benny Andersson的鋼琴樂。


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