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The Dragon Tattoo

Hi, all~

My latest work! I name it<The dragon tattoo>. It's the series works(Another one is the <Courage>). The main idea is a girl who has a dragon tattoo on her body. One day, the tattoo was about alive and extend to a real dragon. The girl decided to raise it like her own child, but the bestiality of the dragon was uncontrollable. As time goes by, the girl eventually needs to face the threats that she has caused by her own hand...

嗨~各位! 這是我的最新作品-<龍紋>,它是一個系列性的題材(另一張是<勇氣>)。大概的概念就是有個女孩身上擁有龍的紋身。某天,這紋身突然活了起來,延伸變成一條真正的龍!這女孩決定親自像對待她小孩般的那樣撫養牠,但龍的獸性是無法控制的。隨著時光飛逝,最終這女孩得面對她親手造成的威脅....

ps, 針對使用中文的朋友,我這邊另外做了幾份中文的教學,分別為:眼睛嘴巴整張

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