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Episode 14-black crystal

Hey, Guys~

I like black! Frankly, I believe black is the only color which never goes out of fashion. And today I want to give you the very very easy way to draw a black crystal, just spend a bit time to follow the record, I think you can do it as I did, let's practice! J

嗨~各位! 我超愛黑色的,我個人認為黑色是唯一永遠不退潮流的顏色,今天我要帶給大家的教學是如何繪製酷酷的黑水晶。非常簡單,只要花一點點時間照著我的範例去做,你也可以跟我做的一樣棒!讓我們來練習吧~

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