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Episode 8-Green Emerald Stone

Hi, all~

It's my latest update for today~ But it's the similar object that I shared before(Episode 4-Emerald). Therefore, I didn't keep all of you subscriber updated this time, just kept your e-mail clean~ Lol! Anyway, if you guys want to see what I have this time, please click the image to go to the tutorial page~ Cheers!


這是我今天的更新!但由於先前在第四章已經有類似的題材,所以我就不再特別推播本篇的教學到所有訂閱用戶囉~保持各位用戶信箱的乾淨(笑~) 總之,如果你對今天教學有興趣的,再點擊圖片連結至教學囉~

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