April 30, 2018

Hi~ I added the new category-<Footage> today~ I will pick some of the scenes from my favorite movies or TV series as the topic. Just have a look if you wanna know how to start it with a blank canvas. The whole process is now here! Cheers~


ps: All of the materials in...

April 23, 2018

Yap~ Another fancy car- Lamborghini Aventador SV! I believe it's most of man's ultimate dream car in their life, I'm not the exception. So join me, let's take a look at my latest tutorial for this week~ Cheers!

本週最新教程,男人的終極夢想車之一-藍寶堅尼Aventador SV!這也同時是我的夢想車。如果你也是同好,歡迎收看本...

April 17, 2018


I just added the new page for all of the tutorials stuff that I have shared so far, which is <The Gallery of Tutorials>. 
Now you can check & download all of HQ JPG images through it, Cheers! :)





April 16, 2018

I just added the new category today, which is <Automobile>. I will prepare some fancy cars for you guys in the near future. As the first one, I give you one of the amazing car-Aston Martin Vulcan. Cheers~


April 14, 2018

The light color sweater for girls is the clothing that represents cute & Innocent, V-neck clothing for women is an opposite direction, hot & sexy. So it's an irresistible thing for me if the style which combines two elements together...I don't like it, I love it!!


April 10, 2018


I know some people like Japanese sailor uniform, and I admit that I’m one of it. So today let me demonstrate how to draw it. In order to show up the body shape behind the clothing.....I gave it the big boob!! That way you can see the body structure more obvious... j...

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