January 28, 2018

Hey, guys~

Let me show you the Bengal Tiger this time, it should look like a really bad ass, but I tend to draw it like a pet, a big cat!! Lol~Hope you guys like it~





January 26, 2018

Hey, guys!!

TGIF!!! I hope today is a lovely Friday to everyone. Do you have any good plan for the next two days?

This is my latest creation of cyborg. Actually, I’m a fanatic of cyborg. I really hope I can have a powerful chip inside my head one day, and connect to the...

January 22, 2018

Hi, all~

Some of the reptiles look like living fossils in my opinion, like the creature I want to show you today, it's a very cool reptile- Rhinoceros Iguana. Hope you guys will like this painting as I do~ Let's check out the tutorial below now~



January 21, 2018

 Hi, all~

My latest work! I name it<The dragon tattoo>. It's the series works(Another one is the <Courage>). The main idea is a girl who has a dragon tattoo on her body. One day, the tattoo was about alive and extend to a real dragon. The girl decided to raise it lik...

January 14, 2018


Do you still remember the short-hair girl that I used to share with you on Episode 5? Today I used the same face and changed into another hairstyle~ Now I'll show you the easy way to draw like this via my record! Have a look!! :)





January 10, 2018

Hey, guys!

First of all, thank you for your great support!:)
My first Livestream was quite successful, it's about 18000 people watching my live art show. And here is what I have for the show in 2.5hrs., it's still WIP!



January 6, 2018

Hey, guys!

I decide to have the live broadcast on Bilibili.com tomorrow(Jan. 7th) at 7 PM~10 PM (Asia time).

It will be the first time for me to demonstrate my painting skill to all of you on air. If you're interested in my works, don't forget to watch my art show tomorr...

January 5, 2018

Hey, guys!

Today I want to show you how to draw a  fuzzy cute animal- a little penguin! It's no doubt to be one of the most adorable animals on this planet! Especially when you see how it walks~ Lol!!! Anyway, let's see how I draw it, and if you're a big fans of this cu...

January 1, 2018

Hey, Guys!

You know what I’m gonna to say~

Happy New Year!!!!

In order to celebrate the bright 2018 (Maybe..Lol!), let me share my blessing with my latest creation~ 

You can go to my Gallery to get the full version of it!(Without the neon light effect!)

And guess what? Ther...

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