December 8, 2019

Hi~ Long time no see, everyone! It's been a while without the updating, but don't worry~ I'm still here, just too focused on my latest online-class, especially I added the new section- How to blend 3D into 2D~ It's a very  interesting lesson, but really need more effor...

September 5, 2018






The new category-<Fanart> is added!!!
I'll keep updating some of my favorite characters into this page~
The first shot is Ironman!!!! One of the most popular superheroes in the world~~ Enjoy it~


August 31, 2018


This is another piece of the reward of my first sweepstakes on Weibo, the first one is "Chinese Rural Dog". Anyway, here is the original photo of the cat, it looks very elegant and smart, I like it as well~






August 21, 2018

The <Fruit> category was added ~ I know it's a very basic topic, but I just forgot to put it on the list. Anyway, at least I think Apple is a good start, enjoy it~




August 17, 2018

Want a sexy look? Have a pretty girl in wet clothes are definitely the good choice! So today let me share with you and tell you how to paint it. Some students think it's pretty hard to make it looks real. But trust me~ It's not hard at all after you check out my whole...

August 14, 2018

In my opinion, jet engine is one of the cool stuff of mech elements, actually, I use it as the photobash materials a lot!  I love the complicated structure so much, It's obvious if you always follow my stuff~ Anyway, enjoy this record!


August 2, 2018


 I did my first sweepstakes on my Weibo page last week, and I'll paint for the winner's pet. I thought it's a good opportunity to have the interaction with my fans!

Anyway, there are two lucky guys who won this chance, and now here is the painting for one o...

July 26, 2018

Last time we have a Corgi dog, how about a kitty cat for this week? Do you like it?




July 25, 2018

Love a Corgi? Here it is~ I bet it's one of the popular dogs in the world~ Fat body, short legs, and the innocent face. See! It's how a cute animal should be, just the great combination!!! Love it!!


喜歡科基狗嗎?這邊來囉!我敢說柯基應該是世界上最受歡迎的狗之一~胖胖的身體、短短的腿、無辜的表情! 看~這是一隻可愛的動物應該要具備的...

July 16, 2018

<Metal> is finally here~ I have received some messages from my fans, they are looking for the tutorial of <Metal>. OK~ I got it! From now on, I'll keep uploading some cool stuff to this category, just stay tuned! You'll see the various thing in my online tutorial page~...

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