Evan Biography

Aug. 1982 Born in Hong Kong.
Jun. 1999 Graduated from Fine Arts Department of Fu-Hsin Trade and Arts School.
Apr. 2000 Received special awards at The Takasaki International Art for High School Students
Oct. 2002 Published serialize CG lessons in HOT CG International Chinese version of Japan CG magazine
May 2004 Published CG lessons in "HOT CG" magazine.
May 2005 Participated in 2004 Taipei Toy Festival in Life mall – Life mall,Taipei.
Jun. 2005 Published in SS magazine , Japan
Jul. 2005 Published "Evan Tarot Reproduce Illustrations" by Kadokawa.
Feb. 2005 Held Individual Exhibition 《Evan Show》 in L.A,CA., U.S.A.
Feb. 2005 Held Individual Exhibition 《Evan Show》 in Taipei,Taiwan.
Apr, 2006 Published in《S Magazine vol.11》.《SS Magazine vol.2》, by ASUKA-SHINSHA , Japan.
Jul. 2006 Published 《Risky Fairy Tales》 by Kadokawa.
Nov. 2006 Held the individual book party in the 《Tipei Internation Book Exhibition 2006》
Nov. 2006 Participated in the《ASIAGRAPH 2006 yokohama 「アジアCGアートショー」》 in Kanagawa,Japan.
Apr. 2006 Show was invited and hosted by Gnome International Inc., individual book party held at "AX2006"in L.A,CA.,U.S.A,.
Oct. 2006 Published 《Twilight》 by Kadokawa.
Aug. 2007 Participated in the《Juicer Plan》in Hong-Gan Museum, Taipei,Taiwan.
Mar. 2007 Published 《Risky Fairy Tales 2》 by Kadokawa.
Apr   Participated in the《ASIAGRAPH 2007 yokohama 「アジアCGアートショー」》 in Kanagawa,Japan.
Aug. 2008 Published 3d illustration album《DAYDREAM》 by Kadokawa.
Mar. 2009 Participated in the 《GEISAI #12》in Tokyo,Japan.
Apr. 2009 Participated in the 《TOKYO 101 ART SHOW》in Tokyo,Japan.
Feb. 2010 Participated in the 《The Fool's Journey》in Craft and Folk Art Museum, L.A,CA., U.S.A.