"Image creation for me ,

is kind of living art of improvisation."

Evan Lee, with traditional fine art background, is Taiwan's younger generation image artist. His works are based on lateral thinking creativity, fused with a variety of costume concept designs.

Since his debut, he has published six books on personal creativeness. The earliest creation was based on Waite Tarot system; he began integrating the use of gold foil, pastel, acrylic, watercolor, and other painting medias with CG technology, and presented his own set of 78 tarot cards with emphasis on his unique costume design concepts. In 2008, Evan teamed up with 3D artists RICK, and published Taiwan's first 3D illustration book that can be viewed stereoscopically by naked eyes, using a special mirror reflection technology. In 2010, he was hired by Taiwan's bigist game studio as an artistic director for their newest developing game "GLABIUS REGALIS online".

Evan's publication platform includes, but not limited to, books, personal exhibitions, art shows, and international exhibitions. He was also interviewed by magazines and tv shows, and can be seen teaching in various art field related workshops and seminars.